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Monthly Archives: November 2008



Modern Dwelling has the EB1 Home By Replinger Hossner Architects of Seattle on the market. This West Seattle home is amazingly styled and set in a great hilltop location with views of Seattle and the Puget Sound. It’s a 3 Bedroom 2.5 Bath for only $895,000! That is a steal!

For more info and pics:


Eagles of Death Metal (EoDM) is an American band formed by Jesse Hughes (AKA The Devil/Boots Electric) and Josh Homme (AKA Carlo Von Sexron/Baby Duck.)

“Wanna Be In LA” from Heart On (2008) Directed by Liam Lynch:

Background on Post Title:
A couple of friends and I went to see EoDm a few weeks back. After the show the girl we were with was taken backstage to “Party,” my other friend and I were denied at the door. Thus I can say with all honesty, Boots Electric Stole My Girl.


Bob Log III is an American lo-fi, Slide Guitar, One Man Band. During performances, Log wears a blue full-body suit and a bubble-mask motorcycle helmet wired with a telephone microphone which allows him to devote his hands and feet to guitar and drums. Bob Log’s version of quick Delta blues closely resembles the sound that Bob Log and Thermos pioneered in the duo, Doo Rag. The major differences are: greater emphasis on guitar showmanship, and drumming -one man band style-with his feet.

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Kanye West’s “808’s and Heartbreak”

Yesterday I received my copy of Kanye West’s “808’s and Heartbreak.” The packaging on the Limited Edition version (I think they all might be “LE”) is super fresh. Mr. West and his art team created a winning combination of modern design, style and color. Along with the 3 Fold Album Jacket comes an 8 Fold (16 Page) foldout including the albums lyrics and info as well as a Mini-Poster of Kanye on one side in his “808” Suit and on the other a photo of him and his mother, the late Mrs. Donda West. The design is an Instant Classic.

All that and I haven’t even gotten to the music yet. This departure from the usual cocky and overbearing West shows a softer side of him as a human and artist. Mixing his signature 808 drum settings with live orchestration and heavy synth the album is a nice change that may be overlooked by and miss-communicated to the normal listening public. Must listen tracks include the single “Love Lockdown” as well as “Amazing” feat. Young Jeezy (which includes my favorite line so far: I’m exhausted, barely breathing, holding on to what I believe in, no matter what you’ll never take that from me, my reign is as far as your eyes can see.) and “Robocop.” The only weak spots I have found so are are the final track “Pinocchio Story” which is a Live freestyle and the overtly long drum outros on a couple of the tracks.

Packaging: A+
Music: A-
Overall: A


I write to you, my fellow Americans on this eve of one of the most hyped and possibly most important Election Days in the history of our great country. I’m not writing to lend an endorsement, I’m not here to get you out to vote, I’m here to lay out the facts. It doesn’t matter if you are a die hard Maverick or the embodiment of Change, we are damned if we do, damned if we don’t. Plan and simple. Many of my friends feel the same way too, most of them have given me the old “lesser of two evils” quote. Ron Paul once stated that when it comes down to choosing the lesser of two evils, the problem is, there is still evil.

Don’t think that Wednesday morning, when you wake up and we have a new president-elect that everything is going to get better. For you Obama supporters you won’t have free healthcare and you won’t get a government check. For you McCain supporters you won’t see a tax cut and you won’t have a good paying free market job. For all supporters of the candidates the economy won’t be fixed and the war won’t be solved.

In my years of keeping track of political campaigns I have never seen such a blatant disregard for the truth as much as I have over the past 22 months. The things these candidates have promised and even to an extent already in acted (i.e. $700 Billion Dollar Government Bailout Package) are so completely incompetent, irrational and inexcusable it makes people like me who would like to see real change almost give up completely.

My friends, change is coming, but for now it’s only a glimmer on the horizon. One day real change will come and we will once again be the land of the free and the home of the brave or we will destroy ourselves in the process.

In closing, while you are hitting the polls tomorrow, eating your free Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream and sipping your free Starbucks Coffee please just take a moment and think about what you’re really voting for. It’s too late now to change anything but we only have four more years until the next one.

Long Live The Republic,

Ian Imhof