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New York’s LOT-EK Arch Frim’s goal is to blur the “line between art, architecture, entertainment and information.” One of there main objectives is to use “existing objects, systems and technologies” and use them as “raw materials” in the design and construction process. One of my favorite designs of their’s is the CHK (Container Home Kit).  Check them out at:

(Found Via Arch Daily)


  1. Free Man Can Make Anythings…Bravoo
    its great design.

  2. The Puma Storage Container Design might be one of the most fashionable storage containers I have ever seen. I am particularly enjoying how art/architecture and entertainment are synonymous in this piece of construction. I am especially intrigued by the storage container pool! I have seen many storage container designs, but this is definitely the cool whip to my cheesecake:)

  3. Niceweee

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