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I’m posting this because I’ve been contemplating their meanings. For the past three nights I have had a series of very strange and very realistic dreams:

Night 1: Was a crew member of a NASA Space Shuttle Flight. The dream included lift off (in stages) a quick mission and the entire reentry procedure. Once out of the craft and walking on the tarmac I woke up.

Night 2: Hanging out on the box level of a sold out Arena. I run into Prince, we have a quick conversation, he leaves to go on stage. I wake up.

Night 3: The strangest dream so far. Myself and Dennis Rodman (Detroit Pistons circa 1989 Rodman) are walking around the downtown area of a large city, he tells stories of famous people he knows and asks me if I know where he could find a rocket launcher. I slide down a railing outside a skyscraper and I wake up.


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