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Hey everyone,

So I’m in the UK for a couple of weeks doing a little Clickpop work. Currently Black Eyes & Neckties are on a two-week UK tour, and I’m here having a little fun and doing a little business. Currently I’m sitting in a Pub in Oxford, just got in from London and waiting for the BENt show this evening. I’ve been carrying around a box of 100 BENt CD’s since this morning in London. I’ve been stressed out most of the trip, things over the last couple of days didn’t go well but they are looking up, except for the fact that I’m probably going to be sleeping in the Train Station tonight.

Tomorrow I’m off to Liverpool, home of the Beatles, for another BENt show. While I’m there I’m going to make sure to have a drink or two at The Cavern Club (birthplace of The Beatles) and then go to a great showcase. Not only do I get to see a few cool sites and a good show but I also get to see “Mr. Local Music” Chris Travis, hurrah!

Speaking of The Beatles, I went to Abby Road yesterday. It was the closest thing to a religious experiance I’ll ever have.

After Liverpool i’m heading back to London for the second half of my trip. I was going to follow the band to Scotland but due to unforseen circumstances I won’t be able to make it up there. But I am going to be hanging out in a couple of really cool places in London so thats alright I guess. And i’ll be staying put for a while, the most stressed I get is when I’m supose to be getting on trains and planes.

Things I Like In The UK:
– Cha Cha Moon (Resturant in SoHo)
– The Girls
– The Beer
– Free Museums

Things I Dislike In The UK:
– Pay As You Go Wi-Fi
– People who don’t move out of the way
– The Weather
– Teeth

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