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I’m posting this because I’ve been contemplating their meanings. For the past three nights I have had a series of very strange and very realistic dreams:

Night 1: Was a crew member of a NASA Space Shuttle Flight. The dream included lift off (in stages) a quick mission and the entire reentry procedure. Once out of the craft and walking on the tarmac I woke up.

Night 2: Hanging out on the box level of a sold out Arena. I run into Prince, we have a quick conversation, he leaves to go on stage. I wake up.

Night 3: The strangest dream so far. Myself and Dennis Rodman (Detroit Pistons circa 1989 Rodman) are walking around the downtown area of a large city, he tells stories of famous people he knows and asks me if I know where he could find a rocket launcher. I slide down a railing outside a skyscraper and I wake up.



Today’s GYWO from pages of The Stranger.

British Comedian Jimmy Carr, one of the best from across the pond.

Rejected by Don Hertzfeldt is an animated short made in 2000. It was nominated for an Emmy in 2001 for Best Animated Short Film and has developed an internet cult following.

I was saddly “rejected” last week from meeting Don and screening his new short “Im So Proud Of You” at Bellingham’s Pickford Cinema. Shouldn’t have waited till the last minute, damn.

Mitch Hedberg was an American Comedian known for his one liner jokes and trademark deadpan delivery. Mitch died in Spring 2005.