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Today’s GYWO from pages of The Stranger.


Eagles of Death Metal (EoDM) is an American band formed by Jesse Hughes (AKA The Devil/Boots Electric) and Josh Homme (AKA Carlo Von Sexron/Baby Duck.)

“Wanna Be In LA” from Heart On (2008) Directed by Liam Lynch:

Background on Post Title:
A couple of friends and I went to see EoDm a few weeks back. After the show the girl we were with was taken backstage to “Party,” my other friend and I were denied at the door. Thus I can say with all honesty, Boots Electric Stole My Girl.


Bob Log III is an American lo-fi, Slide Guitar, One Man Band. During performances, Log wears a blue full-body suit and a bubble-mask motorcycle helmet wired with a telephone microphone which allows him to devote his hands and feet to guitar and drums. Bob Log’s version of quick Delta blues closely resembles the sound that Bob Log and Thermos pioneered in the duo, Doo Rag. The major differences are: greater emphasis on guitar showmanship, and drumming -one man band style-with his feet.

More info at: or

I write to you, my fellow Americans on this eve of one of the most hyped and possibly most important Election Days in the history of our great country. I’m not writing to lend an endorsement, I’m not here to get you out to vote, I’m here to lay out the facts. It doesn’t matter if you are a die hard Maverick or the embodiment of Change, we are damned if we do, damned if we don’t. Plan and simple. Many of my friends feel the same way too, most of them have given me the old “lesser of two evils” quote. Ron Paul once stated that when it comes down to choosing the lesser of two evils, the problem is, there is still evil.

Don’t think that Wednesday morning, when you wake up and we have a new president-elect that everything is going to get better. For you Obama supporters you won’t have free healthcare and you won’t get a government check. For you McCain supporters you won’t see a tax cut and you won’t have a good paying free market job. For all supporters of the candidates the economy won’t be fixed and the war won’t be solved.

In my years of keeping track of political campaigns I have never seen such a blatant disregard for the truth as much as I have over the past 22 months. The things these candidates have promised and even to an extent already in acted (i.e. $700 Billion Dollar Government Bailout Package) are so completely incompetent, irrational and inexcusable it makes people like me who would like to see real change almost give up completely.

My friends, change is coming, but for now it’s only a glimmer on the horizon. One day real change will come and we will once again be the land of the free and the home of the brave or we will destroy ourselves in the process.

In closing, while you are hitting the polls tomorrow, eating your free Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream and sipping your free Starbucks Coffee please just take a moment and think about what you’re really voting for. It’s too late now to change anything but we only have four more years until the next one.

Long Live The Republic,

Ian Imhof

Chinese Democracy is the title track from the upcoming Guns N Rose’s album. The track sounds like an over produced b side from Apatite For Destruction. 14 Years to come up with this crap Axl? For Reals?

This has to be the best marketing campaign for Dr. Pepper ever though. They are making good on there promise of a free can of DP to every American if the album was released in 2008. Is it a coincidence that the album is coming out on November 23rd, 23 being the number of secret flavors in Dr. Pepper? Genius!


Racetrack was an Indie Powerpop band from Bellingham, WA. They broke up in 2006 after releasing there final album “Don’t Sit On The Pickets.” They played in the same circles as The Thermals, Smoosh, Headphones and Harvey Danger and released there first album “City Lights” through Seattle’s Skrocki Records. Since the breakup the members have all moved on to new projects, Meghan Kessinger (vocals, guitar) is now in another Bellingham band called Connecticut Four, Jackson Long (drums, vocals) plays with Seattle band BOAT and is an engineer at Chris Walla’s “Hall Of Justice” recording studio, and Chris Rasmussen (vocals, bass) plays with the Seattle band Police Teeth.

Recomended Track: One Step Forward (find it and all of their material on

I remember thinking to myself, “2008 is going to be a good year.”

How wrong I was that clean crisp March morning. Sitting back and once again watching the sunrise from my second story window, I had seen this side of the day from the wrong end far too often in the last few weeks. I don’t know what It was, something about the way the suddenly peaked sun rays shot off the glass face of Westerns hillside campus across town, or maybe the distant views of the San Juan Islands but there was an electricity in the air, something I hadn’t felt in months if not years.

Coming to the quick and reluctant realization that I was in fact not going to be getting any form of sleep for many hours I decided to start my happy hour early and cracked open a cold Pabst Blue Ribbon one of the roommates had left unattended in the fridge. As I walked about the lower half of the house I struggled with the idea that I had been up since almost this time the day prior and that I had the energy to go another ten rounds. Something was off. By this time the I had moved back into my room, pulling up at my desk to answer some emails and phone calls as is my normal morning routine. No Emails, No Messages, No Voicemail, It looked like it was going to be a slow day.

I finished my morning Lager.

It was a Wednesday I thought to myself, I hate Wednesday’s. After a few minutes of surfing news websites for the latest updates on the impending Presidential Elections and the War On Terror, there was a pause. I felt it, as if the whole world had for one second stopped, silent.

It’s amazing to me that this happened only a year ago today. This is not what I was expecting.

Something happened. Something was not right. Looking south towards downtown from my window as I had at sunrise I looked for some type of response from the rest of the world. Was it just me? I remember muttering under my breath “hmm… what was that? Why am I talking to myself?” I quickly stopped. Maybe the lack of sleep lately was starting to wear on me. I had always feared that I would lose control, and maybe that was my tipping point. As I blankly stared reflecting on my morning, or evening according to my internal clock, I tried to brush off whatever had just happened to me.

Checking my Email once again, coming up empty, I leaned back in my chair, shut my eyes and sank into thought. The energy I had felt a few hours prior had vanished and I passed out sitting up in my chair, head back and to the right, feet on the desk and arms folded. A most uncomfortable position. Usually I wouldn’t sleep long like this, waking up and wandering towards my bed making it just close enough to face plant into the sheets and remove myself for consciousness. But for some reason my lack of comfort did not wake me during this nap. Slowly I fell into a fairly deep R.E.M. sleep. Next came the Lucidity.

“We have to get you out of here quick sir.” She said.
“What’s going on? Where is everyone?” I asked, confused.
“There’s no time, please we must move quickly.” She declared.
“I demand to know what’s happening damn it!” I yelled.
“He’s bleeding, we need to get him to a hospital.” She screamed.
“I am not…” I soft spokenly said, as I came to the realization that in fact my shirt was covered in crimson from a wound I could not see nor feel.

I woke up.
Something happened. Something was not right.

It felt like days. I awoke confused about where I was and what time, what day, what year it was. I slowly took my legs from my desk, wiped away the feeling of sand and mortar from my eyes, sat back into my full upright position. As I tried to glance at the clock on my computer screen I realized that my desktop wasn’t on, I didn’t remember turning it off. The laptop to my left was still on, it read 11:22pm. As I calculated in my head I came to realize that for nearly twelve hours I had slept in that very strange position.
After coming to the realization that I had been asleep I started to recall my dream. I don’t think much of dreams. They to me are merely strange storylines thrown together by unfinished thoughts. However this one was different. I remembered it all, every detail and fact, unlike many of my dreams. It could have been the violent video games I had played as a child, the crime scene drama I had watched the week before or the recollection of all the times I’ve watched the JFK assassination. Something was different about this time, but I wasn’t sure what it was, or how it would relate. I decided to move on with my night.

No Emails, No Messages, No Voicemail, I hadn’t missed much. The house was quite. I threw on some pants and walked downstairs. Not a light on in the house. I checked for vehicles, the roommates must have been out. Even the garage, the epicenter of many of the goings on around our home, was strangely empty and dark. He must be at his fiancés I thought nothing of it.

As I walked through the kitchen I decided to make a snack, nothing big but I felt hungry or something. I threw a couple of pieces of bread in the toaster, grabbed the tea pot and put it on the stove. My dwindling food supply made me conserve, peanut butter toast and English breakfast tea had become my new best friends. I had successfully thwarted my hunger for the moment, but soon I came to realize that hunger wasn’t the only thing I was feeling.

I returned yet again to my room just past midnight. As I sat down on the edge of my bed I removed the worn denim jeans and black t-shirt that are the staples of my daily wardrobe. “Nothing left for me today,” I found myself muttering. Laying back I closed my eyes. All was quite, silent. The feeling, it happened again. As if for one second every known thing in the universe stood still, suns grew dormant, planets failed to emit there drowning sound waves, every single atom was at once suspended in time and space. It seemed to last forever. As I waited for the moment to pass I fell into unconsciousness.

“I’m fucking dieing here!” was all I could hear in the background.
“Turn that damn thing off.” She told me.
“I can’t this is a dream,” I told her.
“Sometimes…” she said frustrated at me.
“The walls are closing in,” I spoke calmly.
“Don’t worry, you won’t feel it…” her words were ominous.

What I had awoke to was not what I had fallen asleep to.

9:11am on the dot. First phone call of the day came in, it felt like the first time I had talked to anyone in months.

“Hey buddy, where have you been?” the voice on the other end asked.
I wasn’t alone as I had predicted.

The following are the lyrics from Jimmy Buffet’s “Cultural Infidel” from his 1996 album Banana Wind.
These words ring truer today than he may have thought they ever would. (I am a Cultural Infidel)

I’m a cultural infidel
Painting in the dark
I’m a cultural infidel
Singin’ in the park
Socrates, hypotheses, the music of Mozart
I’m a cultural infidel
Comin’ from the heart

Free thinkin’, hood-winkin’, unblinkin’ mon
Start trouble, burst bubbles, join my caravahn
Someone’s got to talk about accountability
Someone’s got to raise some hell
I guess it could be me

I’m a cultural infidel
Tryin’ to draw a crowd
I’m a cultural infidel
Singin’ right out loud
Philosophy is not for me, laughin’ is my game
I’m a cultural infidel
Slap me with the blame

Loose cannon, Armageddon, preacher’s at the door
Spittin’ poison at the boys’n’ girls on the dance floor
I hear them in the Congress
I see them on TV
I hope the Inquisition remains a memory

Al diablo Picasso, Al diablo Manet
Al diablo Fontainebleu, Al diablo Hemingway
O diab Dr. Thompson, O diab San Joan
O diab Village People, O diab Rolling Stone

Someone’s got to talk about accountability
Someone’s got to raise some hell
It might as well be me

I’m a cultural infidel
‘Believe in common sense
I’m a cultural infidel
Love the present tense
But we have to keep a lookout for those mean old backed up farts
I’m a cultural infidel
Comin’ from the heart

My heart, my heart, my heart
Mon coeur…
Will I see you in heaven?
Will I see you in hell?
Will I see you in Rio
Only time will…
Will I see you in heaven?
Will I see you in hell?
Will I see you tomorrow?
Only time will tell

Someones Got To Talk About Acountability,
Someones Got To Raise Some Hell, It Might As Well Be Me

Mitch Hedberg was an American Comedian known for his one liner jokes and trademark deadpan delivery. Mitch died in Spring 2005.