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When the question was posed, “Why is Lady GaGa so poppy and catchy?” after watching the video for GaGa’s new music video “Bad Romance.” The first response to this question was “The Illuminati, dude.” Being caught a little off guard by this response, I started to think about it.

This made me start to question reality: Is GaGa a secret agent of the Illuminati, set to take over the world with her blend of cutting edge pop music, fashion and outlandish personal style? Is the New World Order going to take us over with dance? Will we all be decked out in Alexander McQueen gear? When these additional questions were asked I got a surprising vote of confidence for the Illuminati and the NWO.

Please debate the questions above.

Material has been provided for your study-
Photo: Alexander McQueen 12-inch Heels
Video: Lady GaGa – “Bad Romance”



From New York-based artist and graphic designer Aimée Wilder comes the “Analog Nights” Wallpaper. This will be in my future home.

(From K West Blog via latmag)


Kanye West’s “808’s and Heartbreak”

Yesterday I received my copy of Kanye West’s “808’s and Heartbreak.” The packaging on the Limited Edition version (I think they all might be “LE”) is super fresh. Mr. West and his art team created a winning combination of modern design, style and color. Along with the 3 Fold Album Jacket comes an 8 Fold (16 Page) foldout including the albums lyrics and info as well as a Mini-Poster of Kanye on one side in his “808” Suit and on the other a photo of him and his mother, the late Mrs. Donda West. The design is an Instant Classic.

All that and I haven’t even gotten to the music yet. This departure from the usual cocky and overbearing West shows a softer side of him as a human and artist. Mixing his signature 808 drum settings with live orchestration and heavy synth the album is a nice change that may be overlooked by and miss-communicated to the normal listening public. Must listen tracks include the single “Love Lockdown” as well as “Amazing” feat. Young Jeezy (which includes my favorite line so far: I’m exhausted, barely breathing, holding on to what I believe in, no matter what you’ll never take that from me, my reign is as far as your eyes can see.) and “Robocop.” The only weak spots I have found so are are the final track “Pinocchio Story” which is a Live freestyle and the overtly long drum outros on a couple of the tracks.

Packaging: A+
Music: A-
Overall: A


Andrea Heimer is a self taught artist originally from Montana, she now resides in Northwest Washington. She is known for her unique style of pop and pulp art and is known as both “Collectable and Affordable.” Andrea is also half of PNW dance duo No-Fi Soul Rebellion. You can find her art in stores around Bellingham, WA or visit her website below for art shows and galleries across the US.

This Needs No Explanation.

Jamiroquai is a London, England based Jazz/Funk/Soul band. “Virtual Insanity” (seen above) is from there 1996 album “Traveling Without Moving.” They are best know for there singles “Virtual Insanity” and 1999’s “Canned Heat” which was featured in the famous dance sequence from the Indie flick Napolean Dynamite (2004).

Rejected by Don Hertzfeldt is an animated short made in 2000. It was nominated for an Emmy in 2001 for Best Animated Short Film and has developed an internet cult following.

I was saddly “rejected” last week from meeting Don and screening his new short “Im So Proud Of You” at Bellingham’s Pickford Cinema. Shouldn’t have waited till the last minute, damn.

“Handlebars” by Flobots which was released back in May. If the lyrical content wasn’t good enough the video is visually great, done by Dirty UK and Phil Tidy. It’s a good commentary on our current situation not only as a world and a country by on a personal and individual level. This is really the only good song of theirs that I have heard though. The Message Still Stands.

Scott Rickey is an American Freelance Artist and Graphic Designer based out of Bellingham, WA. He runs a downtown Bellingham Gallery called The Sweatshop and works closely with Clickpop Records and What’s Up! Magazine on projects.

Paul Alaniz is a graphic design student and artist from Whatcom County, WA. He currently located in Seattle, WA. You can get ahold of him and see a few more of his pieces at: