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Racetrack was an Indie Powerpop band from Bellingham, WA. They broke up in 2006 after releasing there final album “Don’t Sit On The Pickets.” They played in the same circles as The Thermals, Smoosh, Headphones and Harvey Danger and released there first album “City Lights” through Seattle’s Skrocki Records. Since the breakup the members have all moved on to new projects, Meghan Kessinger (vocals, guitar) is now in another Bellingham band called Connecticut Four, Jackson Long (drums, vocals) plays with Seattle band BOAT and is an engineer at Chris Walla’s “Hall Of Justice” recording studio, and Chris Rasmussen (vocals, bass) plays with the Seattle band Police Teeth.

Recomended Track: One Step Forward (find it and all of their material on

And The Moon Be Still As Bright is the solo project of John Van Deusen, singer/guitarist/pianist of Anacortes, WA based band The Lonely Forest. He describes his music as “music recorded in a living room at 3am.” Check out his cover of The Beatles’ “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” as well as all the other current tracks uploaded. JVD will be headed to Kenya next month for 6 weeks.

Candysound is an Indie Garage Rock band from Bellingham, WA. They recently released there first LP. Recomended tracks: Suddenly and June.

The Mission Orange is a Two-Piece rock band from Mount Vernon, Washington. They currently have a Self Titled EP and an Album (Seasick) out and are working on there second full length. (comming soon!)