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Hello and Welcome to the Official Blogspot of Ian Imhof.

Ian Imhof Vs. The World is a regularly posted column/blog about random things that peak my interest. As of late many of my posted have been about Music, Design, Fashion and Modern Architecture.

Background: I’ve been involved in Politics since I was a child and concentrated my studies in college on Political Science specifically Policy (Both Domestic and Foreign) as well as Comparative Economics. In 2007 I ran as a write-in candidate for Whatcom County Executive. Musically I’ve been booking and managing bands since 2003. I owned and operated LFM Productions until late 2006 and co-owned Murder Mountain Records until mid 2008. Currently I am working for Clickpop Records as a Project Manager and A&R Rep, as well as Northern Alliance Management of which I’m the owner and head of management. Over the past six years some of my job’s and duties within the music scene have included Band Management, Tour Management, Live Sound, Studio Tracking and Mixing, Talent Scouting and Recruiting, Promotions, A&R, Project Management, Business/Label Management, Talent Buying and Show booking for multiple venues, Band/Tour Booking, Street Team, Day of Show Coordination and Stage Management.

I’ve also been known to do some  freelance writing for local and regional music/style publications, as well as write short stories and act here and there.

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  1. Nice seeing you at the Soundoff last saturday.. Pan Pan was awesome, keep doing whatever you do with them!

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