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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Hey everyone,

Sitting down for a few minutes, thought I would throw an update at you. I’m back in London after spending a couple of days up north. Had a great time in Liverpool at Sound City, it was a pretty decent show and got a little bit of press. The band and I stayed with Chris Travis and his fiancee in their amazing flat, they were great hosts. While I was there I made a pilgrimage down to Matthew Street and had a Pint at the Cavern Club.

Since getting back into London I’ve stayed at a handful of spots and met quite a  few interesting characters. Tomorrow I get to fulfill a lifelong dream, more information about that later.

I’ll be back in the States Friday night, see you then.


Hey everyone,

So I’m in the UK for a couple of weeks doing a little Clickpop work. Currently Black Eyes & Neckties are on a two-week UK tour, and I’m here having a little fun and doing a little business. Currently I’m sitting in a Pub in Oxford, just got in from London and waiting for the BENt show this evening. I’ve been carrying around a box of 100 BENt CD’s since this morning in London. I’ve been stressed out most of the trip, things over the last couple of days didn’t go well but they are looking up, except for the fact that I’m probably going to be sleeping in the Train Station tonight.

Tomorrow I’m off to Liverpool, home of the Beatles, for another BENt show. While I’m there I’m going to make sure to have a drink or two at The Cavern Club (birthplace of The Beatles) and then go to a great showcase. Not only do I get to see a few cool sites and a good show but I also get to see “Mr. Local Music” Chris Travis, hurrah!

Speaking of The Beatles, I went to Abby Road yesterday. It was the closest thing to a religious experiance I’ll ever have.

After Liverpool i’m heading back to London for the second half of my trip. I was going to follow the band to Scotland but due to unforseen circumstances I won’t be able to make it up there. But I am going to be hanging out in a couple of really cool places in London so thats alright I guess. And i’ll be staying put for a while, the most stressed I get is when I’m supose to be getting on trains and planes.

Things I Like In The UK:
– Cha Cha Moon (Resturant in SoHo)
– The Girls
– The Beer
– Free Museums

Things I Dislike In The UK:
– Pay As You Go Wi-Fi
– People who don’t move out of the way
– The Weather
– Teeth

I’m posting this because I’ve been contemplating their meanings. For the past three nights I have had a series of very strange and very realistic dreams:

Night 1: Was a crew member of a NASA Space Shuttle Flight. The dream included lift off (in stages) a quick mission and the entire reentry procedure. Once out of the craft and walking on the tarmac I woke up.

Night 2: Hanging out on the box level of a sold out Arena. I run into Prince, we have a quick conversation, he leaves to go on stage. I wake up.

Night 3: The strangest dream so far. Myself and Dennis Rodman (Detroit Pistons circa 1989 Rodman) are walking around the downtown area of a large city, he tells stories of famous people he knows and asks me if I know where he could find a rocket launcher. I slide down a railing outside a skyscraper and I wake up.



Yesterday I formally submitted paperwork to the State to form my new company: Northern Alliance Management.

About Us:
Started in Early 2009, Northern Alliance Management works with emerging talent from the Pacific Northwest. NAM’s goal is to help assist artists in the development and management of a long-term career in the music industry. Our priority is to deal with, and meet, the needs of our artists, be they business or other wise related, so they can have the room to create and perform. Some of the services offered are World-Wide Representation, Direct Artist Management, Tour Management, and Publicity and Promotion.
Currently I’m in talks with local and regional talent about representation and I am also actively scouting for talent to add to my roster. More information will be coming shortly as well as a website where you will be able to get everything you need to know as well as be able to submit materials for consideration.


From New York-based artist and graphic designer Aimée Wilder comes the “Analog Nights” Wallpaper. This will be in my future home.

(From K West Blog via latmag)

Hey all,

Sorry I’ve been absent as of late (the last four months). But I am now back and ready to write. So here’s a quick update for what has been going on and what you should expect. The last while has been hectic, I went back to school for a quarter and did alright but was much too busy this quarter to go back. Since getting done with school I’ve been refocusing on music. The last few Conquest shows have done well, we just finished up a Bellingham date for Tech N9ne. Clickpop is well: currently a Rooftops album is being recorded, the new Kristin Allen-Zito album is coming along and Black Eyes & Neckties are headed to the UK in less than two weeks for a short tour. I will be joining them for part of it. Expect updates from the road.

Today I submitted my paperwork to form Northern Alliance Management. NAM is going to be a management company specializing in Music, preliminary talks are already underway with new artists. A website will go live hopefully sometime in June. More information is to come.

Until next time, stay fly like a pair of Air Yezzy’s.