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When the question was posed, “Why is Lady GaGa so poppy and catchy?” after watching the video for GaGa’s new music video “Bad Romance.” The first response to this question was “The Illuminati, dude.” Being caught a little off guard by this response, I started to think about it.

This made me start to question reality: Is GaGa a secret agent of the Illuminati, set to take over the world with her blend of cutting edge pop music, fashion and outlandish personal style? Is the New World Order going to take us over with dance? Will we all be decked out in Alexander McQueen gear? When these additional questions were asked I got a surprising vote of confidence for the Illuminati and the NWO.

Please debate the questions above.

Material has been provided for your study-
Photo: Alexander McQueen 12-inch Heels
Video: Lady GaGa – “Bad Romance”


Michael Jackson’s This Is It: Review

Last night I was able to catch an Advance Screening of the new Michael Jackson concert documentary This Is It. The film chronicles the dress rehearsals and sound checks of what was to be Jackson’s come back, as well as his final curtain call. Running almost completed performances of hits like Billie Jean, They Don’t Really Care About Us, Beat It and Man In The Mirror, Jackson and his crew of producers, directors, dancers and musicians brought together what could possibly have been one of the best and most successful career comebacks of all time.

Jackson was in his element, his singing was dead on and all of his vocals were done live with no backing tracks which prove that he possesed a level of professionalism and pure ability that is almost unheard of today in the Pop world. At some points he did look a little rusty as far as dance moves are concerned, but taking into account the fact that the man was 50 years old at the time and hadn’t performed live in almost 10 years makes sense. But all of the skepticism about his dancing abilities were put to rest during his dance sequence for Billie Jean.

The Thriller portion of the film saw the addition of new footage in the style of the original music video filmed in 3DĀ  for use on the digital backdrop during the concerts. This was also done for other songs including a scene with Jackson and Humphrey Bogart for Smooth Criminal and a digital army for They Don’t Really Care About Us among others, but most elaborately for Thriller. The new visualĀ  technology that was used made for some great looking effects and surreal backdrops.

Aside from the music, the film showed some rare behind the scenes footage of just how a production of that magnitude comes together. Along side the show (and film) director Kenny Ortega, Jackson crafted a great work and was hands on in every aspect of the concert from musical direction and filming to set and costume design. His work with the musicians and his vast and complete knowledge of his entire catalog was striking and showed that he was not just a talented performer but also an amazing songwriter and arranger.

The only problem that I have with this film is that I will never get to see the finished product live and in person. This Is It is a great look at the interworkings and passions of a man who still had it, could still do what everyone remembered him and would no doubt have been back on top of the Pop world, the tragedy being that he would never able to bring it to his fans in person.

fotl Future Of The Left is a three piece rock act from Cardiff, Wales, UK. Recomended tracks: “You Need Satan More Than He Needs You” and “Manchasm”


Eagles of Death Metal (EoDM) is an American band formed by Jesse Hughes (AKA The Devil/Boots Electric) and Josh Homme (AKA Carlo Von Sexron/Baby Duck.)

“Wanna Be In LA” from Heart On (2008) Directed by Liam Lynch:

Background on Post Title:
A couple of friends and I went to see EoDm a few weeks back. After the show the girl we were with was taken backstage to “Party,” my other friend and I were denied at the door. Thus I can say with all honesty, Boots Electric Stole My Girl.

Chinese Democracy is the title track from the upcoming Guns N Rose’s album. The track sounds like an over produced b side from Apatite For Destruction. 14 Years to come up with this crap Axl? For Reals?

This has to be the best marketing campaign for Dr. Pepper ever though. They are making good on there promise of a free can of DP to every American if the album was released in 2008. Is it a coincidence that the album is coming out on November 23rd, 23 being the number of secret flavors in Dr. Pepper? Genius!


Above Left: Derek of Typical Ace
Above Right: Yours Truely

I guess I kind of get what people are talking about. Anyways I get mistaken for him a lot by drunkards from the “Shoe.” Typical Ace was a band from Bellingham, WA that broke up in July 2008. Check them out:

Some of them are now in a band called Browne’s Condition, check them out too!

Thoughts? Anyone else see it? Discuss!

Jamie Cullum is an English Jazz Musician. He is known for his unique blend of Jazz, Pop and Rock as well as an active and engaging live show. He and his band have released four albums since 1999, the last being 2006’s “Catching Tales.”

Candysound is an Indie Garage Rock band from Bellingham, WA. They recently released there first LP. Recomended tracks: Suddenly and June.

The Mission Orange is a Two-Piece rock band from Mount Vernon, Washington. They currently have a Self Titled EP and an Album (Seasick) out and are working on there second full length. (comming soon!)

MGMT Vs Kanye by Justice